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Doing business in China can be overwhelming, challenging, and even scary. Thinking about all those unwritten rules and customs, between-the-lines communication styles, and the horrifying stories of legal disputes between foreign entities and Chinese partners, traders, or licensees, etc. All those stories are true, and more! But with the right help, patience and hard work, you can have success in China. Minglei Legal takes on these challenges for its clients, and wins.

Minglei Legal is focused on providing Chinese legal services to small companies, startups, and individuals. Being small doesn’t reduce the degree of legal complexity; China is a first-to-file jurisdiction, so speed and completeness are everything. Minglei Legal was created to provide insight, and focused, tailored services to its clients. Minglei Legal understands the business relationships that your suppliers will have between themselves, knows the pressures from all three levels of China’s government, and understands how key these constituents are to your business success. Minglei Legal has extensive experience setting up business vehicles China, and an unmatched understanding of legal issues that can arise. Addressing these problems proactively, managing your risk, reacting quickly, and adjusting to the dynamic legal and environmental changes in China, are all tasks best managed in partnership with Minglei Legal’s deep experience and on-the-ground resources.

Minglei Legal works collaboratively to address the full range of complex issues arising from supply and distribution business, licensing industry, international trade, lease, and termination rights. We regularly negotiate and prepare terms and conditions of purchase agreements, supplier agreements, distribution agreements, licensing agreements, property lease agreements, intellectual property and trade secret protection documents,  export and import controls documents.

Minglei Legal has been providing legal support to U.S firms and European firms that have commercial legal issues arising related to China for over 10 years.

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